Hey there my fellow friends,

YAY! Exams are almost over. Only two more for me and I will be posting more reviews during the summer. I am proud that I’ve actually gotten some reading done to relieve some exam season stress.

So bye for now and see you soon!

P.S You guys are so supportive and amazing! Thanks for sticking by me and this blog! 🙂

Update On What’s Going On…

Hey guys!

I’m so sorry I haven’t done a book review or even done any of the book award nominations (currently 3 on hold). I have a good reason though. It’s April and almost May, which means final projects of the year, extra homework, tests all leading up the final exam. I find myself getting busier with extra-curriculars as well. I’m really not sure when I will post again, but please don’t give up on my blog. I am dedicated and I love it a lot! I’m just trying to say, that I’m still here and I won’t give up on my blog. It’s all getting started, and it will only get better from here!

I hope you guys are reading loads of good books! Tell me about some of them! I have time to respond to those! 🙂