Review Policy/Rating System

Review Policy

If you want me to review a book. First off, thanks so much for caring about my opinion on a book! I have a few rules that aren’t too demanding.

  1. I will give fair opinions on what I think about a book.
  2. I will not be “bribed” or give biased reviews for other reasons.
  3. I will take in considerations of all aspects (characterization, setting, plot, themes, if I liked it, if I would recommend it)
  4. I have my own rating system and if I were to review your book, it will go by it unless we personally discuss rules under other grounds. (rating is another page on the blog, for more information, please check it our)
  5. I will try to finish the books quickly, but with a tight schedule, sometimes it might take more time.
  6. We should be able to contact each other in case there are issues.

Thanks! Contact me if you have any questions or want me to review! Alright, I’m done talking… 🙂


Any of the images I use do not belong to me and all credit should be given to those who made them and who own them. Sometimes the sources will be listed, but if not, they do not belong to me in any sense.

Rating System

in a row

5 Cups of Tea – It was so amazing! I can’t say anything bad about it! (rare)


4.5 Cups of Tea – Close to being perfect, but I was picky and didn’t like a small part.


4 Cups of Tea – I really liked this book. I pretty much loved it. I would be willing to read it again, but there doesn’t seem to be a spark or enough uniqueness for 5 cups.


3.5 Cups of Tea – This book was very enjoyable. It wasn’t 5 cups amazing, but I liked  it a lot and I will read it again. Perhaps some parts were built well enough.


3 Cups of Tea – I liked this book. It didn’t seem extremely outstanding by being unique in any way.


2.5 Cups of Tea – It was a bit better than ok. I almost liked it fairly much, but there was just a bit bland.


2 Cups of Tea- It was very bland and not at all outstanding in any way.


1.5 Cups of Tea – I didn’t like the book, but I’ve read worse. There wasn’t much built well to surprise and create a world I can be entertained in.


1 Cups of Tea – I really disliked the book and unfortunately I couldn’t find anything I enjoyed about it. It just wasn’t my cup of tea (Excuse the pun ;))

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