Around the World in Eighty Days+Tea


My tbr list is getting quite ridiculous at this point. This time, instead of a review (since I haven’t finished reading this novel-guilty of all charges), I will be telling a little story. For old times sake, as a child we always have a classic story that we know by heart. For me, the novel was Around the World in Eighty Days. I heard the abbreviated version from my mom in a local library. If memory serves me correctly, she read a translated version to me too, in Mandarin. Even in another language, the action was incredibly captivating.

7 or 8 year old me, on the edge of my seat (or a tiny stool) keen to listen to the next crazy situation. My lovely mom willing to sit on a tiny stool too to read to me :). Is the train going to fall off the bridge? Will Phileas be captured by the police? They did not back it back time! My dramatic sighs that were too loud for the library could be heard clearly. Or with the time difference, they did make it back in time? Anyhow, only pleasant memories are entailed with the adventures around the world.  Continue reading

Exciting News: An App

Hi guys,

I’ve been working on a project lately with I’m In-which was amazing- and they were able to help me create an app for Teaming With Books. Now you guys can download it on android to keep up with the blog anywhere you go. Yes, it is free. Hope you guys enjoy the app as much as I do! The link is below or search teamingwithbooks in the google play store. Good luck!

Phyllis 🙂

P.S It’s not available for iOS yet, but I’m crossing my fingers for it to happen in the future.