Poetry Corner

Hello friends, I’ve decided to post a random piece of poetry. It’s basically about procrastination and trying to convince myself (and you) to stop and actually “do something” productive. I have no idea how relatable this is. Here goes.



Mind over matter,

I close my eyes,

And I do not see all the possibilities bloom,

Only constraints and practicalities, 

Because while I keep my eyes shut firmly I hear voices,

Cring for help, to be treated justly, for somebody to listen,

But nobody does.

So open your eyes and see what is going on around us,

Do something and stop wasting time in this stagnant spot,

Calling it thinking, but knowing it is the mere spur of pressing pause while nothing does,

A black clock sweeps with its vibrant red pick,

I sing along to the beat,

Do something,

Do something,

Do something.

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