Around the World in Eighty Days+Tea


My tbr list is getting quite ridiculous at this point. This time, instead of a review (since I haven’t finished reading this novel-guilty of all charges), I will be telling a little story. For old times sake, as a child we always have a classic story that we know by heart. For me, the novel was Around the World in Eighty Days. I heard the abbreviated version from my mom in a local library. If memory serves me correctly, she read a translated version to me too, in Mandarin. Even in another language, the action was incredibly captivating.

7 or 8 year old me, on the edge of my seat (or a tiny stool) keen to listen to the next crazy situation. My lovely mom willing to sit on a tiny stool too to read to me :). Is the train going to fall off the bridge? Will Phileas be captured by the police? They did not back it back time! My dramatic sighs that were too loud for the library could be heard clearly. Or with the time difference, they did make it back in time? Anyhow, only pleasant memories are entailed with the adventures around the world. 

When the movie came on TV, the cartoon one, I was so excited. I watched it. When the “real” actors version was on, I thought I was very mature, giving up cartoons. I watched it. (Now, looking back, to be honest, the cartoon version was so much better). Clearly, this is a hard story to forget.

This summer, I have a volunteer position at a law firm and as I was browsing through Goodreads with my time off, I noticed that the book was in a series. I got curious. Are you telling me there are more books with amazing adventures that I can read this summer? By myself without my mom reading them to me? That sounded unbelievable! So apparently, my life has been a lie. There are 13 novels in the series. I’ve literally seen movies of these books, but I never knew they were books in the series. I am ashamed of myself as a self labeled book enthusiast.

I will read every one of them. Journey to the Centre of the Earth, deep down to the bottom of our world to Round the Moon, out of this atmosphere. Now, not only do I have to read those romance novels, but I will need to revive this nostalgia. To celebrate my epiphany and discovery, I will make a list of 3 teas to go with these novels filled with craziness and adventures. Note: the previous post has coupons for Teavana! It’s a great deal so go and use them! To make your lives easier, I will list the tea with links directly to Teavana’s site. All images are theirs and there is no claim for them or any attempt to infringe on copyright laws.

List of Teas:

Yunnan Pu-Er Tea for all the travelling that is happening, a bit of unique tea from China will do perfectly :). It is refreshing for summer and personally I would add rock sugar and a bit of milk.


Flowering Pineapple Blooming White Tea is so adventurous, I’ve never even tried it. I love pineapples and fruit teas, their flavours complement each other well. Also, very cooling for summer.


Summer Lemonade Herbal Tea literally has the word summer in it. It is perfect for the hot weather currently outside, and the classic lemonade taste will be great to accompany any of these suspense filled novels. It might even calm you a bit.


That’s a wrap! I will go to sleep now and start reading after my busy summer plans.

Lots of hugs and books,


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