New Year’s Resolutions

Hey guys 🙂 ! Happy Holidays! Hope you and your family are well.

So for 2016, I have some goals book-wise.


I’d love it if you guys shared some of your resolutions with me. Anyhow, here goes…

1. Read more classic novels

As much as I love The Great Gatsby or The Bell Jar, I never dedicate my time to classics. I know that there are many good ones out there and I really want to read more. I’m hoping to get through Gone With the Wind, which has sat on my shelf for around 2 years…

2.Explore more genres

I limit myself to fantasy, paranormal and contemporary novels. I’d love to read some mystery novels or some murder mysteries in 2016!


I have read around 30 books in total this year. I feel like school and extra-curriculars got in the way, but I want to make more time. I also want to post more reviews! I’ve been so busy and that line never gets old does it?

That’s pretty much it! I hope 2016 is  as tea-rrific as 2015 🙂 !


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