Quick Posts: Cozy Books for Fall

Hey guys! I don’t have much time with school starting but I thought I should post 3 books that are perfect for a nice warm read at home. Side note, I’ve been loving cinnamon tea lately because of fall! There’s just something about it. Go and get yourself some to go with these books. Here goes:

  1. We the Royals: If you are looking for a chick lit that is simple and entertaining this is it. This follows the story of Bex and Nick (the Prince of England). It is basically Kate and William but the plot is a bit different halfway through. It is quite a long read, but the story is more plot based than character development based. Quite enjoyable if you’re tired and want a hot drink to go with a book.
  2. The Bell Jar: A thriller that will keep you engaged. It follows the story of a woman’s spiral into her downfall. A psychological book loosely based on Sylvia Plath’s life.  If you don’t have much time to read, like me, this book is for you!
  3. The Raven Boys Series: Honestly, the whole series has a mood of fall to me because of the creepiness. The characters are versatile and the books are very enjoyable. If you have been in a reading slump, this ought to get you out of it!

🙂 That’s it! Have fun reading!

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