My First Book Tag: Frozen

Note Before Reading: I was tagged by Jet who’s book blog link is below so go check it out.  It’s my first tag so it might not be perfect but I hope you have fun reading this post! Also if you have read this far and you’re thinking what is frozen? Go and watch the movie now. Here’s the link to buy it: Without further to do! The Book Tag:

1. Frozen Heart

A character that is powerful, dangerous,beautiful and cold from a book… 

This is definitely Adelina Amouteru from The Young Elites. She is independent, embraces her immense amount of power and has a hatred for the world. She’s not afraid to admit how much she detests her sister. Of course she is also beautiful with her stunning white hair and her one eye.

2. Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

A character you would build a snowman with…

Elyse Morgan from Degrees of Wrong by Anna Scarlet is my first choice. I prefer the warmth of a house instead of the snow, and I know Elyse would feel the same way. We would go outside and attempt at building a snowman. Then, we would just end up in the house with a cup of hot chocolate. Elyse and I would then have a conversation where she would be very snarky and I would just laugh along.

3. For the First Time in Forever

You haven’t been able to read anything in a long time (*nodding*) and your TBR pile has been growing larger and larger (*nodding*). What book  would you pick?

Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl because it has been in my TBR since over a year ago. I just don’t have the will power to ever start it and I have busy schedule. *sigh*

4. Love is an Open Door

With what book or which character would love be an open door with it? Or for what book/which character would you close the door?

Open door book would be Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson. I have reread it so many times, it isn’t my favourite book but for some reason I love rereading it ALOT.

Open door character would be Hermes from The Deep End of the Sea. He is the best person to have as a best friend.

Close door book would be The Fault in Our Stars. Many people praise it and maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t get through the first chapter.

Close door character would be anybody from the Fallen series, or at least I think that’s what it’s called.

5. Let it Go

A book or book series you used to love but you let it go.

Sadly, the Of Poseidon series. I loved it (my friends questioned me for loving it), but by the time I read the third book it took so much will power for me to finish it. I might still like the first two books, but I might just have to let it go…

6. Reindeers Books Are Better Than People

Let’s say you’re tired of people today. What book would you rather spend the day with?

Any book by Cassandra Clare. I LOVE HER BOOKS!

7. In Summer

A book perfect for summer!

Any cheesy novel like The Summer I Turned Pretty.

8. Fixer Upper

A book that’s a bit of a fixer-upper and should be fixed with a little bit of love ?

Shadow and Bone. Wait before you yell at me! I loved it so much but for selfish reasons I wish the Darkling’s relationship with Alina would be fixed. Please?

The three people I want to tag are…


Anne-thology of Books

The Bork Corner

You don’t have to do it, but if you do, have fun! I sure did!

5 thoughts on “My First Book Tag: Frozen

  1. OMG you feel the same way about the Fault in Our Stars?! Finally someone who isn’t obsessed! I read the whole book and I thought it wasn’t bad but I started to dislike it because of how much everyone else praised it. Also you are the only person I’ve come across who has read Hunting Lilia! I didn’t end up finishing the second book but I enjoyed the first. And I’m in the same boat for Fangirl, except I’ve been halfway through it for six months and while i enjoy it and love the characters I have been focused on more exciting stories.

    I’m glad you had fun with this Sweetpea. 🙂


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