The Young Elites Review

Title: The Young Elites

Author: Marie Lu

Number of Pages: 355 pages

Date Published: October 7th 2014

Publishing Company: G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers

Books Number in Series: The Young Elites, 1


I might have a thing for quotes that give you the chills… The best thing I can do is say go into this book blind (I do say that a lot). Just know, I adored this book, and I would give it 5 out of 5 stars and I rarely give perfect ratings. Generally I can always find a part of the book the author could have improved.

There will be many surprises you can discover and explore. The vague sense of the book is, it’s called dystopian by many, but I felt the book seemed mostly like a normal medieval society. The way people dressed and the way they acted. There is a bit of fantasy, because there are kids who have gained powers after they survived a disease. In this society, there is strong, and by strong, I mean this massive amount of hate towards these children. They are hunted down, killed and tortured… You get the sense of what happens in this world. Be glad you don’t live in it.

Table of Contents for Review: Why I loved this book?

  1. The setting is unique and beautifully written
  2. The characters were all treated with equal importance
  3. The plot was paced perfectly
  4. The romance that didn’t take over the plot
  1. The setting is unique and beautifully written

I’ve read a few books with a medieval kind of setting but this is by far the most unique with its magic added to it. The only other book I can think of is Throne of Glass, which also has the kings and a queen. I just never felt fully sold into the book with the dull writing. The setting also seemed too classic “monarchy” like. There was no twist to make it stand out like this novel.


In this book, the descriptions of their world have an elegant flow, even though the world is dark and torn up with infinite societal issues. The description of one small scene’s setting like when Adelina is in the stadium (for something suspenseful you have to find out) painted me a perfect image. Here, have a little taste.

“…and just like that, the black clouds twist—they scatter into a swarm of a million moving flecks that swirl across the sky and then dive down, down, down at the crowd. A nightmare of locusts.”

  1. The characters are all important

Adelina Amouteru is a killer assassin who is strong and independent! A heroine can’t get better than her!


She has one eye and white hair! That’s right! And she has attitude. The side characters obviously have a sprinkle of Marie Lu magic added to them too. They are never ignored. Every character has a story and they all have personality. Bonus, as usual we get views from multiple characters: Teren, Enzo and others. This makes us get to know the side ones even better, making a well rounded collection of people in the story.

Adelina Amouteru

“I’m going to die tomorrow morning.”

Enzo Valenciano

“The dove arrives late in the night. It lands on his gloved hand. He turns away from the balcony and brings it inside.”

Teren Santoro

Late afternoon in Estenzia. Teren waits behind a pillar lining the palace’s main courtyard, his heart in his throat, the white of his Lead Inquisitor cloak blending in with the marble.”

P.S. If you notice something about the different points of views in the story leave a comment and you might win a personalized congrats from me!

  1. The plot was paced perfectly

The action and the spacing between were paced amazingly well. You would be on the edge of your seat but never overwhelmed with information.

“The next morning, Inquisitors find Count Maurizio Saldana’s dismembered body nailed to his front door, his mouth suspended in a scream, his corpse burned black beyond recognition.”


Then this right after…

“Violetta [Adelina’s sister] was afraid of thunder. When we were little, she would sneak into my bedchamber whenever a storm rolled through.”

Wow, the contrast! One moment I’m scared to death and the next, it’s a little girl scared of the storms. Sure Marie Lu tousle my emotions around!

This is a perfect example of the balance between scenes I was talking about. While I was scared to death I could process the information while reading a part less intense.

  1. The romance that didn’t take over the plot

Every book has a bit of romance. However, I get annoyed when the romance directs the plot of the story and not the other way around. Marie Lu never puts the romance first. Ever. Sure, a sprinkle of romance here and there, and yes the love interest does appeal to most people (I’m not immune), but it’s never so much of it that you forget the main purpose of this book.


In the story, about 0.1% is romance and it is so realistic. When you are hunted down and hated by society, love isn’t exactly first priority, right? You’d probably be more worried about your life first. Any second and you could be murdered.

Mostly, we just get this.

“I am Adelina Amouteru. I belong to no one.”


Wow. This is one of those books.The romance, I loved, the characters, I loved, the plot, the setting and even the font of the book, I LOVED. Maybe it was the thrill of the moment, but this book hit me, and I did not expect it. By the end I was breathless. If you like fantasy, action, a killer heroine, or just what I talked about for the past few hundred words, then this might be a perfect match for you. This is most people’s cup of tea (hehe see what I did there?).

5 out of 5 cups of tea

in a row

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Pumpkin Spice Brulee Oolong Tea is perfect. Spicy, unique and amazing!

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