Take a Bow Review

Title: Take a Bow

Author:  Elizabeth Eulberg

Number of Pages: 278 pages

Date Published: April 1st 2012

Publishing Company: Point

“My life has been one big audition.”

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Carter, Emme, Ethan and Sophie are friends (you could say that…) and their whole lives revolve around art. They go to CPA, a prestigious art school (I couldn’t find this online, so is it real?) in New York City and the book tells the tale their senior year. The relationships, stories and their futures in their fields. This is their final year together.


I was looking for a very cheesy and cuddly warm book to read because we all need one of these books once in a while right? The plot was everything I expected. There was an immense amount of  drama between the four friends. Although the story is supposed to be about all four characters, it was really just the story of Emme rising into fame. The story is told from the views of all the characters but all the stories tie back to Emme. Emme is mistreated by her friend Sophie. Then she stands up to her and starts to date Ethan. Sophie is all mean now and Carter dates Sophie but he breaks up with her etc. There are no surprises at all in the plot, and I can’t begin to stress it enough. I mean it. NO attempts at any surprises. Elizabeth Eulberg is keeping it simple.


I’ll be blunt and just say it. All the characters were boring. My definition of boring is when the character isn’t crafted well enough, simply because you can describe them in a single sentence. There is no depth and no realness and therefore no way to connect with them.

Emme is the classic I don’t think I’m good enough (when I’m really perfect ) and I’m very dependent on my mean best friend character. The spin on it in this story is that Emme is a talented song writer.

“I wasn’t good enough… And I don’t want to disappoint Sophie.”

When she doesn’t get into CPA at first, that’s what she thinks of. It is so frustrating! Sophie, the mean friend, has used Emme, her whole life, and everyone can see it. Emme just happens to never see it for 18 years of her life! What a waste! Her reason for this annoying madness…

“I know that friends should always be there for each other. Friends also love one another unconditionally…”

Except, by this definition, Sophie wouldn’t be your friend! Sometimes, I wish I could just snap Emme out of this daydream of hers. *sigh*

Sophie is the girl who is insecure and covers it up with a lot of mean personality and a ton of rudeness. Sophie is a singer who apparently isn’t that good but is? I don’t know. I feel like the author made her seem like a great singer but then a bad singer in the end. Why? Of course the reason is to just make our favourite character Emme stand out more and seem more perfect.

“[Emme] ruffles her bright red hair. I hate that hair.”

What does that quote have to do with anything? It just shows you how Sophie is just plain mean. She hates Emme’s hair because it makes her stand out and of course Sophie wants the spotlight.

Ethan is the boy who is secretly head over heels for a girl. Of course he loves everything about her.

Emme uses good old paper and pencil. It’s so old -school. It’s also utterly endearing. I love that she does it…”

Did he just say he loved how Emme uses paper and pencil? I guess it’s true, you can love anything…


Carter is the side character nobody really gets to know and who’s really a filler. He dates Sophie and something about him thinking about his future and changing careers? Honestly, I had no attachment to Carter. I didn’t like him or dislike him. He was just there and hanging around while the story developed for the other characters (like this but less cute.)



I LOVED THE SETTING! I did, I really did. I love the arts (it has a special place in my heart) and having a book take place where everyone is doing some form of art, whether it’s singing (Sophie), song writing (Emme), being in a band (Ethan), or painting (Carter); it will be in this book. I also loved how the characters go to famous art schools *JULLIARD AND BERKERLY*, because then the setting includes their auditions in the schools. I have never read a book that takes place in a real art school or a book where you can experience lots of forms of art, so this was amazing. Personally, this preference may just be because I enjoy various forms of art very much, especially music. I apologize with getting excited with all the CAPS but I hope it gives you a sense of what the world is like in this novel.

Last Words and the Usual:

The characters were annoying but the premise was decent and strong at some points. If you like art or are in need of a cheesy novel this is it. Literary wise, this is a kind of bad novel but chick-lit wise, this is perfect. Just because I’m a book blogger now, with all intentions of showing off, I am giving this book two ratings. The first is for a general rating, like was the book good based on plot, setting, and other factors. The second rating is for how much I enjoyed it when I really wanted a cheesy novel. Use and reference which ever rating suits you best.

1 out of 5 cups of tea


3 out of 5 cups of tea


 The perfect tea to drink while reading this (you can drink anything similar that you find but you can find it at Teavana):

Youthberry Wild Orange Blossom Tea Blend describes the light fun story perfectly! Young and wild!

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